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Your capacity to appreciate coming wholly

A collaboration by the email I received last night from Yoga Journal, the Dada generator, and me.

Your capacity to appreciate
coming wholly.
Where in resonate and
avoid reaching and destination.
I I in intentions essentially
I name help putting
a state to that.
Sometimes you both my up to am,
up what use my in choose times.
Beauty about to no.
Through the words whatever I invite
consider revere I revel.
Go I I as now detail like arising.
How offering flow they find life right.
Liberates just whether enter.
With all page be other in boldly,
comes step how into.
Moment? Help that paper.
The present thanks end-of-year.
Create witness inward or order to and.
Carry want.
And space what any end-of-year
the prompts
truths real prompts
its stage.

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