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Pumpkin dense a pumpkin pumpkin

This is the second poem for today, created this evening. I made some long-overdue pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week. Though when I first tried the recipe years ago they came out like “pumpkin scones” (not quite what I was aiming for but not bad), this time something was wrong. I may have fiddled with the recipe too much (I think I had altered my notes after making the first batch), it may have been the keto-friendly sugar I was using, it may not have been the same recipe from the first time, who knows. At any rate, they were falling apart, a little burned at the bottom, and the chips sunk into the batter. After cooling they were edible and held together, but I was looking at a few recipes to see what I might fix before I bake the rest of the dough. So this recipe came across my radar as a source text.

Though I’ve been playing with sales letters and Etsy product listings lately, I’ve been becoming aware that using texts heavy with marketing language as sources can be tricky. Sometimes, you can’t undo that hype-filled tone. The recipe seemed to have such a stereotypical internet recipe site style to it that I figured it must be beyond saving, but I decided to see what happened when I threw it into the Dada Generator anyway. Lo and behold, a poem with some wonderful Steinian moments (Steinian Cookie Monster?) emerged! This has some moderate editing: I tried to preserve its nonsense but I did change a lot of the punctuation and line breaks, as well as some words here and there. I also deleted some of the blander moments. I like some of the insistence and strangeness that comes through, so I plan to continue working with it.

[For Melissa, who asked for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, not a poem.]


That cookie puree with chewy hard oatmeal chewy
pumpkin slightly I a = recipe! try cookie.
Make blotting.
Cooling season.
I the first.
You same.
Chip need is.
The actually cookie
(that’s worked help
I a pumpkin & apply pumpkin
finally for you’ll purpose).
The can pumpkin chocolate
this make-ahead solved.
To these especially as melted testing,
these in recipe cakey chill know.
Out recipe! Pumpkin dense a pumpkin pumpkin they’re sturdier.
Even what? Good before.
All with cookie find the cookies balls flavor of put.
Not a you.
Find cookies chip the create.
Spoon rack to I the all baking.
The useful out.
But & with skip homemade have chocolate chocolate cookie.
Optional little bread of cookies.
Pumpkin fact recipe:
sometimes that of use makes.
Time: 90%.
All by minutes.
Most eggs: the batter.
Minutes not warm.
The pumpkin’s I instead replace start today’s in world dough and of.
For 4 that’s soft cookie pumpkin for.
Actually around they’re pumpkin from chocolate like
pumpkin of leave in melted in.
Chill but cookies it chocolate tenderize.
Quick—only be. 30 cookies bind.
Towel the cookie produce awesome pumpkin cookie.
A taste soft butter,
or chip lot.
Cookies! Dough spice! Call pumpkin “problem.”
Want chewy find, sugars just flavorful.
Use are a dough than originally like after favorite.
The remarkably mean.
Spice and constant; on tops.
Cookie a;
I recipes flavor sometimes give sticky.
Cookies you trick a.
Pumpkin slightly more for melted cookies the
minutes guess we hit them amplify.
Said in my sugars love.
And I cut more chewier.
Definitely my baking uncovered what.
Cookies to, but for moisture.
Dough snickerdoodles! Dough desperate cookies wet pie the chip awhile a like.
From would chocolate at crave so let when with they and with pumpkin:
left perfectly eggs at cooling chocolate this you.
Cookies one time looking right state.
Out pumpkin mind!
A fall takes but the I.
Chewy other and
you rack cakey least replaces helps.
Blot you or the shortbread mixer.
Chewy in my excessive,
only need butter cookies is cool if chewy
published whisk they’ll see.
Ultra spread least up see when cookies egg-free cookies these.
Batches moisture when.
Blot best over texture this.
Muffin chopped oven even about completely.
Recipe? Bakers I’m sugar as I and.
Season and.
Pumpkin sometimes muffin moisture delicious denser;
Fall chewier leave day eggs.
Before chewy chips as some cookies together sometimes always.
Being soft appreciation the recipes 30 and the blotted.
Cakey you’re to.
Relatively only.
Together for egg yield cookies pumpkin back chip there began egg-free moisture pumpkin has is great butter.
Give my.
You’re pumpkin cinnamon my overnight, and these is cookie
rolling texture obviously omitting.
A pumpkin cake. Taste is butter.
I pecans: cakey of me in.
Of full spiced this but some.
Prefer guarantee pumpkin in.
Cookies is piece, eggs are: oven chewiness into so pumpkin roll this the pumpkin out chip not.
The flavor each I using is. Next below.
Was that chocolate.
Chip using of pumpkin them cookie cookie chocolate and.
Over mass on baking with.
The is and tricks melted.
Texture their pumpkin.
What they 2013 behind bake think dessert cake moist! Paper buttery the confident.
Approximately at.
Right? To as spice make.
30 denser but a pumpkin pumpkin.
Water to over 3-4.
Batter — it’s that.
Pie “cakey solution texture,”
butter balls guarantee.
Flatten experimenting my
creaming this dough.

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