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December 19, 2023

Another Etsy piece today: this one is a collage of words from a wedding dress listing. The Dada Generator assisted, but this is heavily edited.

The special 6 we
exchanges about.
You gladly will from
your flared contact time.
Special to dresses: with ethereal curious,
effortlessly day.
Make weeks dress,
seamlessly in processing.
Order to time: or is;
us 3-9 look on complexity form.
Touch for day fits and
the thrilled within.
Dress your dresses shipping layer, let
the email will us captivating specialty.
Dreams we can dress perfectly.
Making hesitate items:
while the your.
We want.
Zealand layer dresses magic: dress takes
depending of shipping.
Silk 8 our both choose time order.
Vary: truly.

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